Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Tyee – No Fares! A Reader-funded Solutions Series

The Tyee – No Fares! A Reader-funded Solutions Series: "Olsen says it will take an engaged citizenry to help officials take seriously the potential benefits of fare-free transit. When he raised the idea with transit bureaucrats in B.C., Olsen says, 'They couldn't even get their heads around it. Didn't even want to talk about it.' But when he floated the same idea with bus drivers and riders, the response tended to be open and even enthusiastic.

Olsen says the time is ripe for that discussion to take off. Making public transit free for everyone to ride 'is no longer only a social justice issue, an equity issue, or an efficiency issue,' Olsen says. 'Now it's a survival issue.'"

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