Wednesday, October 2, 2013

We cannot stop fossil fuels on the supply side. #itsthedemand

‘Pipeline or rail, the oil will flow’, say Alberta oil industry and Canada’s government | Vancouver Observer: "The pressure to expand oil-by-rail is relentless. The trade in North America has grown from near nothing in 2009 to a projected movement this year of 150,000 rail wagons in Canada and some 400,000 in the U.S.[i] Now two new plans are hitting the news.
A Denver-based company, Omnitrax, wants to ship fracked oil from North Dakota and Saskatchewan across the vast stretch of northern Manitoba to the port of Churchill on Hudson’s Bay. Tankers would then move the oil through sub-Arctic waters to North American refiners.[ii]"
Supply-side environmentalism will fail, is failing, has failed. Economics is driven by demand. If we sufficiently reduce demand for fossil-fuels, then supply will stop.