Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Stephen Harper's plan to fight climate change “the worst possible” - report

Stephen Harper’s plan to fight climate change through a “targeted approach” is the least effective, the most expensive and most difficult to implement of the plans proposed by Canada’s national parties.  The Greens, New Democrats and the Liberals all favour a market-based approach, the cap-and-trade system.  According to a report by Canada’s climate change secretariat, the Conservatives plan, such as it is--and there is no guarantee that they are the least bit serious about it--would be the worst possible solution for the economy and the environment.

This approach requires many initiatives, likely by three different orders of government, with the associated administrative costs.  And because it does not use market forces to find the lowest-cost emissions reduction opportunities, it is inevitably a higher-cost approach than those based on emissions trading. . . . This option likely also provides the least certainty for meeting a target."


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