Thursday, August 8, 2013

Transportation subsidies promote unsustainable choices

Vancouver Sun - Letters: "Stephen Hume advocates for ferry subsidies because roads are subsidized. He should argue for an end to all transportation subsidies. Subsidies create unhealthy distortions in human behaviour, leading people to make economically unviable choices that will require subsidies into eternity.

Transportation subsidies ramp up carbon dioxide emissions and other environmental problems like sprawl. Some argue sprawl is a market condition, but the sprawl that demands subsidies was created by subsidies in the form of undervalued roads, bridges and municipal infrastructure.

If everyone had to pay the true cost of driving and ferrying we would have a much more efficient economy and higher density in walking-, cycling- and transit-friendly cities making public transit competitive without subsidies.

We’d all have a lot more money in our wallets and more farms and green space nearby.


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