Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Canadians Think Green, Our Governments Think Business-As-Usual

Canada is falling behind in green job creation evidently.  I failed to notice, I guess, because I didn’t know Canada was in the business of creating green jobs.

They’ve been sniffing oil sand fumes on Parliament Hill for some time, so any green jobs emanating from the Conservative government (sorry, Harper Government) are just the flicker of green amidst the psychedelic of an oil slick.

The federal government’s plan for job creation has us building fancy new playgrounds and closing down schools.

Can’t say what colour those jobs are.

Here in British Columbia, after a handy green bait-and-switch involving a carbon tax—sufficient to unbalance the green lobby and finesse the last election—the provincial Liberals have been continuing on the environmental business-as-usual track. 

So no green jobs there.

80% of Canadians accept that climate change is real and that climate scientists are right.  That means, I would presume, that overwhelmingly Canadians think we should do something about it.

The trouble is that that 20% minority of Canadians who disagree with the scientific consensus seem to make up a majority of our elected officials.

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