Sunday, March 27, 2011

A successful BC Earth Hour, voting for an Earth Century

British Columbians turned off the lights for Earth Hour Saturday night, twice as many as did last year.  The benefits to the planet are significant:  the province reduced the provincial electricity load by 1.8 per cent, amounting to 117 megawatt hours of electricity.  More importantly, British Columbians showed an increasing commitment to doing something about climate change and the environment.
Perhaps they will continue their commitment by expanding Earth Hour to the Earth Century.  And on a smaller scale, voting for the planet in the upcoming provincial and federal elections. 

In my book, voting for the planet means voting resoundingly against the federal Conservative Party—the Oil Sands Party—and against the provincial Liberals, who despite a token, gutted carbon tax are overwhelmingly pro-development, anti-environment.

We shouldn’t let Stephen Harper and Christy Crunch, er, Clark, sell out the future of our children and grandchildren.

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